The primary goal of this manifesto is to clearly define the borders of acceptability for any given production within the movement. The originators were highly inspired by Dogme 95 creators, Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. Unfortunately, the tenets of Dogme 95 or the "Vow of Chastity" is now too far removed from the present state of independent filmmaking to be a beneficial to the contemporary filmmaker. While the DIY KINO Filmmakers manifesto too contains a set of tenants [sic] for the filmmaker to abide by, our goal is to limit our effect on the creativity of the artist while maintaining a consistency between our films.


Flexibility of the medium.

Society is flexible, and filmmaking is a reflection of society. It is an impossibility to predict new variables that will change the way filmmakers create their art. A strict lifespan of 5 years is placed on this manifesto, in which time it must either be updated or fall into obscurity. Only Films completed between 2012 and 2017 may qualify.

Deviation and Innovation.

We see the current state of film in an unhealthy state of flux. We openly reject the Hollywood standard. Emulation and imitation are expressly forbidden except in cases of parody or satire. Our belief is that the primary goal of the filmmaker is to deviate in form, content or visual aesthetic; to bring the viewer a truly original piece. Genre pieces, with the film openly categorized as only one major genre, is expressly forbidden. Genre blending, or the use of more than one film category to describe your film to an audience is acceptable.


We believe that all people have the right to create within DIY without the social limitations of the "budget." It is our aspiration that DIY KINO (in association with film) will gain a greater acceptance of a more limited budget with the artistic integrity of the film. In no circumstance can the film's cost exceed 10,000 USD.

Fundraising - Anyone contributing funds (apart from the filmmaker) must not have any creative control of the film. You may not sacrifice vision for financing  (ex. no advertising within films). The filmmaker must acknowledge financiers of the film in the film's credits (unless the film contains no credits). The complete budget (excluding any distribution fees or insurance) must not exceed 10,000 USD. This assumes a minimum running time of 45 minutes.

Power of the Artist.

We believe that while Film is naturally a collaborative art, the filmmaker's intimate attachment to all aspects of the production is necessary to keep the "vision" of the Film consistent with the "vision" of the filmmaker. If there is a change from script to first cut in form, structure, or story, then the change should originally resonate within the filmmaker. We then believe all DIY KINO Films should maintain an artist that writes, directs, and edits his or her work.

The filmmaker must contribute to the roles of writer, director, and editor. In some circumstances, co-writer/director/editor would be acceptable. In the case that any of these roles don't exist in your film, they wouldn't need to be contributed to.